Product Information



(1) Floating Mat

(1) Bungee tether leash ( if applicable )

(1) Heavy – Duty carabiner  ( if applicable ) 





The Floating Mat is designed to be used in a large body of water with a minimum depth of 10 to 12 feet. Place it in a area away from boat traffic and free of obstructions, including but not limited to, weeds, logs, sandbars, rocks or other objects. Do not use on land or in swimming pools.

This product is to be used for recreational purposes only. Use of this product involves inherent risks of personal injury. This product does not have and braking or steering devices. Persons who use this products assume all risks of injury.

The floating mat should never be towed, pushed or pulled by any type of the watercraft. Towing the pad is dangerous and could also cause damage to the foam mat.

Once you find ideal, safe location to place your Floating Mat, attach the elastic lead directly to your own mooring or anchor. If you plan to leave the Floating Mat in the water for an extended period of time or day, we highly recommend attaching a highly visible buoy and / or flags to the floating mat.

The Floating Mat is not intended as a floating device for poor swimmers. It is recommended that all users wear a personal floating device (PFD) life west before entering the water.





Use common sense. Do not allow horseplay. Children should be under adult supervision at all times. Never use the Floating mat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Never use the Floating Mat while tired or fatigued. Use extreme caution while swimming between the shore and the Floating Mat. Do not attempt to swim this distance if you are tired or fatigued.





Never enter the water or play on the Floating Mat alone.

Do not swim or play under the Floating Mat. Do not dive from the Floating Mat.

Never use in stormy Weather or after dark.

Inspect pad, tethers, elastic cords, anchors and hardware before each use. If the Floating Mat is anchored, precautions should be taken to eliminate activities that could cause entanglement in the rope and / pr anchoring device.

The Floating Mat should always be kept visible on the water. Even though the mat is brightly colored, additional visibility such as buoys and/or flags may be needed. Never store or use the Floating Mat in the water during low light conditions such as storms or non-daylight hours. Always secure the Floating Mat from unauthorized or unsupervised use.

Remove the Floating Mat from the water when not in use to avoid unsupervised or unauthorized use. Do not leave on the water year round





The Floating Mat is made from cross-linked polyethylene foam and does not require any other flotation device or air, so set up and maintenance are simple. Wipe off any foreign materials that could scuff or tear the surface

As with all products, to protect the surface skin and color, it is recommended to reduce exposure to direct UV sunlight for extended periods of time. UV rays ara damaging to the surface and could cause fading and hazing of the surface if left in sunlight for weeks at a time. To prolong the life and look of your Floating Mat it needs to be kept dry and protected from direct sunlight when not in use. For long storage periods, remove your Floating Mat from the water and let dry, then roll using the Velcro straps. Store in a location protected from the elements





1) Remove anchoring sphere       2) Feed bungee through grommet       3) Attach anchoring sphere




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