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Inflatable Arm Ring

Inflatable Arm Ring

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1. High-density PVC material, waterproof and wear-resistant and safer
2. The inner and outer ring seams are sealed and reinforced, air-tight, smooth and burr-free
3. Independent inflatable valve, double air nozzle, anti-scratch design

Product information:

texture of material :Ordinary PVC

PVC thickness :0.18(mm)

Size: 24*19cm

Weight: 100 grams

Packing: One pair into OPP bag

Packing list:

Round sleeves * 1pair 


Do not over-inflate or charge high-pressure gas.
Never jump on inflatable products.
Never place inflatable products near flames or hot objects.
When not in use for a long time, it should be folded and placed in a flat and dark place to avoid excessive friction and
touch with sharp objects.
Natural leakage of inflatable products is normal.


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