Storage Bag, Nylon with Mesh Inserts and Mounting Hooks, Fits 9', 12' & 18' ALADDIN WATER MATS, YELLOW


VERSATILE STORAGE BAG: Store and keep your ALADDIN WATER MAT pad protected with this custom bag designed to fit all Aladdin Water Mat Pad products

EASY TO TRANSPORT : Webbing handles on the long side of the bag make it easy to carry. Using the bag makes transporting much easier and protect the mat against the sharp objects.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made with tough nylon and drawstring

MOLD RESISTANT: Mold and mildew resistant. Our storage bags are made of material that is mold and mildew resistant with sealed and double-sewn seams

MESH INSERTS: Designed with mesh Inserts to allow air circulation for the pad to dry.

EASY TO STORE: Hooks Included for easy hanging. Webbing handles on the long side of the bag make it easy to hang in your garage for long term winter storage.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT :  Aladdin Water mat carry / storage bag is a must to have. !

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